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Take off on the adventure of a lifetime...

Take off on the adventure of a lifetime…


Take off on the adventure of a lifetime.... Whether you're pursuing a career in aviation, looking for a new challenge to broaden your horizons, or want a lifestyle that makes the world more accessible on your terms... Alpha One is where you'll find quality personalized training in modern aircraft.

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Leaseback Opportunities



Diamond DA40 Leaseback Opportunity



We have one opportunity for a pilot to purchase a glass panel DA40 for use in the fleet. You will receive income from the rental of your aircraft and again likely enjoy tax deductions that make the ownership tax advantaged. These are limited time opportunities.

We are member in the LifeStyle Aviation Network. For all our leaseback aircraft we work with our partner LifeStyle Aviation to provide our clients access to knowledge about ownership access options,  leaseback opportunties, selection of aircraft and financing options.

Please call Leigh Anne at 704-305-0384 to let us know you’d like to learn more about these leaseback opportunities.